How To Arouse Her Sexually

It’s not uncommon for a lot of guys to have a hard time understanding how to sexually arouse a girl. Most men tend to think that getting women sexually aroused is exactly like getting men sexually aroused. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. Unlike men, in order for them to hit their highest point of sexual arousal, women must warm up first. Men, on the other hand, can go from cold to hot without waiting. But read this closely: when it comes to how to sexually arouse a woman, while you might need to hold on for them to warm up, once they are hot, a woman’s sexual expectations can become even harder to satisfy than a man’s. Do not forget that women are sexual creatures too. Understanding this will make learning how to sexually arouse a woman much easier and a lot more effective.

Now that you have some background information on how to sexually arouse a woman, below are 5 tips that might help you out even more:

1. Touch Her More

Just by touching her the proper way, you can give a woman a taste of just how incredible sex can be with you. What I love about the concept of touch has to do with a mutually beneficial sensation for both you and her. You get pleasure from feeling her skin on your hands and she gets pleasure from feeling your hands on her skin. When both of you are in harmony with this exchange of pleasure, the experience can be absolutely awesome. But remember that all women are different and even though one woman likes being touched, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every other woman also likes being touched. Gauge her reaction when you do touch her. You’ll know immediately if she likes it because she will feel sexually stimulated and safe at the same time. Try it out. I promise this truly is as effective as it is simple.

2. Look Deep Into Her Eyes

You’re probably thinking that holding eye contact is even more simple. But it’s much more powerful than it may sound. When you look into a woman’s eyes as you touch her or as you talk to her, it’s truly one of the very best ways of how to sexually arouse a woman. But it’s essential that you hold eye contact for a longer time than she does. Basically, don’t look away or break eye contact till she does first. This gives an added level of emotional intensity to your interaction. She will feel it starting with her eyes but also deep within her body. You’ll find that this small technique makes a big difference.

3. Watch Your Mouth

In other words, watch what you’re saying . If you want to learn how to sexually arouse a girl, you shouldn’t talk about anything that’s certain to kill the mood. Avoid talking about things that are too serious, too uninteresting or too depressing. Sprinkle in topics that get her thinking sexually without being excessively sexual. Does she like kissing? Does she like making out? You get the idea.

4. Make Her Laugh

Making a girl laugh is an art that can’t be fully explained here, but the following are 3 humor tips that could help you out as they relate to how to sexually arouse a woman: 1) Always be smiling. Neither laughter nor sexual attraction can be built if she sees you frowning all the time. Turn the frown upside down. 2) Act silly. Women are magnetically attracted to men who have got the confidence and self-assurance to be comfortable with laughing at themselves for their own faults or for whatever other reason. 3) Check out her favorite comedians. By doing this, you can not only get suggestions for what she finds funny, but you can also find funny movies and shows starring those comedians, watch them together, and laugh with her.

5. Push and Pull

Push and pull, up and down, back and forth, start and stop. Whatever you choose to call it, one thing remains clear: girls are turned on by this pattern. This pattern of creating sexual tension is effective because it slowly builds anticipation. It builds the feeling of her wanting sex but not knowing when it will happen. In order to know how to sexually arouse a woman, you must build sexual tension in intervals. The way to accomplish this is to take two steps forward and one step back, again and again and again. Kiss her, then stop. Then start again. Then stop. Then kiss her using tongue. Then stop. Go a little further than the last time each time you start and stop. Take your time and before you know it, you’ll be running past home base.


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